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By: Dr.Akbar Jaffari

The manufacturing SME’s in a single product oil economy perform independently of the type of ownership. Their productivity is, however, fluctuating & volatile yet, and due to the vibrant feature of the oil revenues, the great majority of the manufacturing SME’s, are able to reap lucrative yields on their investments. This book, provides a new model of success. The model emphasizes on capitalizing on the thirteen internal performance factors, independent of the intensity and level of fluctuation caused by the turbulences of the oil market. It encourages shielding the internal performance against adverse oil market conditions, & strengthening performance forces for maximum absorption of opportunities provided by the oil market during favorable times. The spearhead technique, is to force these SME’s to function, as in highly competitive environment and radicalize their strategies on worst possible scenarios, benchmarking their productivity measures against maximum possible resources utilization, as a productivity charter. The threats/opportunities of the oil market will continue, and will leave limited options for the manufacturing SME’s; that either they excel or collapse.